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Friendly remember:  Thank you so much for the patience. I am still sick and its not better today. I am really slow at the moment. I have high fever, and cant do so much replys for my drafts. I’ll try per day so 3 replys to make. Maybe I'll try it more. I'll keep my replys send to the queue. I hope I feel better soon. I am soo sorry.

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Mini Icon Giveaway



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  • Just Reblogs counts. (Don’t reblog it more than once)
  • Just Roleplay Blogs
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  • Ends: Monday 21th 2014 


  • Winner 1: 30 Icons
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  • Winner 3: 10 Icons



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Send me a ™ if you think I could be a writer for my muse’s canon dialogue

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Send me a ϟ

I will generate a number 1-35 to see what my muse will say to yours. Mix of angst, fluff, flirty, funny, etc.

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I'll only ask you once, Lord Snow...
        Are you a brother of the Night's Watch,
        or a bastard boy who wants to play at war ?

♟ independent jon snow for hbo’s game of thrones
♟ new to the fandom; currently watching the whole series
♟ multi-verse, multi-ship; VERY oc & crossover friendly
♟ accepts all writing formats;
          para, semi para, one liners, crack, icon/gif/gif icon, novella
♟ 8 years of roleplaying experience, two on tumblr
♟ nsfw 20+; nsfw and triggers tagged accordingly
♟ willing to adapt to small text/normal text threads
♟ will welcome anyone with open arms\


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send me a ‡‡ if you like how i portray my muse.

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Send “Don’t push me away, I love you.” For my character’s reaction.

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Please Reblog this if you are Game Of Thrones RP Blog.

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send me a ★ if you think I accurately portray my muse.

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